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    ECMF Caption This 9



      Here is how it works, you submit a creative text caption to the photo, each week a group of individuals selects one caption as the winner...the winner gets a prize. The prizes vary - gift certificate, books, apparel with Intel logo, etc. Typically around $50.00 US in value.






      Have fun & good luck!



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          "Open file. Open File! OPEN FILE!!! "


          Mr. Owen's first day using a computer turned out to be a bit more challenging than he originally expected.

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            Rather than update his text-based presentations with compelling content, Mr. Paru decided to encourage people to pay attention during his meetings in other ways.

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              In spite of his companies best efforts to implement new online services, Mr. Davidson was among a group of senior managers who thought it was best to stick with the old ways of requesting technical support.

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                With the invention of the bluetooth megaphone, online auctioneering's future was uncertain as it became one of the last industries to go digital in the 21st century.

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                  "Can you hear me now???!!!"





                  Excited about his new laptop, Tom's first attempt to make an internet phone call to his wife resulted in a week of sleeping on the couch and eating tofu dinners.

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                    Natural interfaces ...



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                      Refusing to jump on the SOCIAL MEDIA band wagon, Henry was determined to still use the web to get back in touch with his former college football team-mates

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                        "Tick you say!  We have ways to make you TOCK"



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                          The early development cycles of enhanced VOIP technologies.....very very early!

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                            Having just delivered his monthly "PEP" talk to his factory workers, Charles had never considered the possibility of his saliva and the loose flour from his daily SOURDOUGH tuna sandwich forming a natural paste-like compound casuing his bull horn to affix itself to his face...so he turned to the web in search of assistance without involving his admin.

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                              Learning his new role and responsibilities as the new Marketing Manager, James "THE COACH" Simpson decided to go "old school" when he was tasked with gathering his staff to meet and discuss "How to get the attention of your customers"



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                                "ATTENTION all VIRUSES, BUGS, MALWARE, and other unwelcomed entities to my notebook...GET OUT!!!" and that is when Mr. Davidson discovered the value of Intel's VPro technology!

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                                  Misundertanding the coroprate-wide challenge to increase the volume in sales, Bill  took his own measures.

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                                    ATTENTION ALL EMPLOYEES...to help support our new GREEN strategy across all corporate operations, we have removed all the desk phones and we will immediately adopt a "A DON'T TASK, JUST YELL" policy. Each person will be issued a rechargeable battery operated BULL HORN to communicate with co-workers. Assignments will be issued to the last person who responds "NOT ME!".  Rapid response to new requests will be critical or you will be subject to taking on the work.  So stay charged and ready at all times so when new work requests are made you can quickly acknowledge using your personal BULL HORN.  As we enter this new era of efficiency I ask all of you to keep an open mind and embrace this change as the cost of doing business and preserving our long history of producing new results with new ideas.  Also please note complimenatry hearing testing will now be offered quarterly on each campus....have a great day!  BIG DOG OOOOOOUUUUUUUUTTTTTT!!!!!  (...how to shut this thing off?)

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