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    something wrong with me connecting to wifi, can't use the proxy here.


      I just in school use the network managed by school.

      Today I just connect my edison board to the wifi supplied by school.

      Thing is very hard to describe, so I may take a long talk:


      when I use other device, like android phone, ipad or laptop, I usually just connect to the wifi, which do not ask the password--this means the wifi is public, every student can connect to it, after you connect to it, you need to open your web(ip:8080, where the ip is fixed every time you want to authenticate), the input your school ID and your password, if you authenticate successfully here, you can access the internet.


      I connect my edison board to this wifi, but I can't authenticate it with the http_proxy(I just make sure the loggin web page use http), I can't find other ways to solve this problem.


      I can't connect my board use the ssh now, I just use the ArduinoIDE, but I want to use the eclipse which need the ssh connection, who can help me?