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    in Galileo gen1 board, some problem about recovery


      I think my board was bricked. Cause I used putty and serial port to see the image before, but now it doesn't work.

      So, I search the article about how to recovery.

      it have some steps, but I don't know what it means in 1,5,6

      And other step I think is fine


      1.Copy the FVMAIN.fv to the root of a USB drive

      I have the file FVMAIN.fv, the step 1 look like want me to copy the file to my usb ??
      擷取.PNG but at galileo gen1 there don't have the port to insert it..?

      can someone help the confused to me.

      2.Disconnect the power supply from the Galileo Board

      3.Connect the serial cable to the UART port

      4.Open a client connection using Putty or similar program

      5.Connect the USB to USB HOST port

      擷取.PNG is this right?

      6.Ground the resistor mentioned in section 2.5.4 of the guide

      擷取.PNG I  Read the guide, but I don't know how to groud the resistor is there easy picture can show me to know

      7.Connect the power supply to Galileo board

      8.A menu should popup Type "4" for the Galileo board

      9.Remove the ground connection to the resistor

      10.Press "R" to recover the firmware



      And there is a little question

      when i bitbake the image ,the example file name is about clanton



      ↓ ↓ ↓ and why is my file name is all about quark




      what is the different between clanton & quark?

      I don't find the article about it =(