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    hd4600 problem with external display


      Hi Guys!


      I am using an ASUS X550JX laptop (intel core i7 4720hq + hd4600) with an SAMSUNG T24D390 monitor TV in extended display mode with Windows 10. I have expereinced and issue using it. Sometimes the picture in external display has been dropped. The laptop is still in extended display mode but the screen turns black (voice disappear) in external display (on screen of laptop has no any problems), remote controll of TV does not work (TV does not react any controll). This problem occurs totally random (most of them after turning on laptop 5 minutes). If a plug off the hdmi cable then plug in it solve my problem and after that the computers can easily work without any problem even if i use it 10 hours constantly. Problem occurs using monitor with hdmi and using VGA cable also.


      My configuration:

      • ASUS X550JX with latest drivers.
      • Intel HD 4600 with driver win64_15407.4279
      • Windows 10 64 bit
      • SAMSUNG T24D390 monitor TV with latest driver (analog and digital) and latest firmware

      I have already used this monitor with an another older laptop with Windows 7 but I have not experienced any problem.

      Thank you Guys!