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    Is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU 5150 @ 2.66GHz 2.67GHz Processor supported with Windows 10?


      I recently have upgraded my PC to play some more demanding games. While playing my games on Windows 7 I found that there were absolutely no problems. Everything ran perfectly fine and gameplay was smooth.


      I have recently also upgraded to Windows 10 and this is where my problems started occurring. Let's just put it this way:


      A game called Dirty Bomb on Steam can be quite demanding when running on higher graphics.

      When Windows 7 did not have any updates installed, the game struggled to perform on all aspects. Even the Menu HUD.

      When all updates were completed finally, the game was able to run at the highest settings at an average roughly around 45 FPS.


      Then I upgraded to Windows 10.

      My Graphics card has been updated for Windows 10 as I have a program that installs driver updates for my graphics card automatically and confirms to me that it is installed.

      My Processor however I am not quite aware as the Intel Driver Utility never detected my processor for any driver updates. (Both on Windows 7 and Windows 10)

      Trying to run Dirty Bomb on Windows 10 is even worse than it was when I did not have the updates on Windows 7.

      With the lowest settings, I struggled to run at even a stable 20 - 25 FPS.


      I am starting to believe that my Processor isn't up to date with my Operating System. Though if it is, what could be causing my huge performance decrease? Everyone I know who upgraded to Windows 10 all had their performance increase.


      It would be really important and nice to know what solutions there might be with this, or perhaps a simple answer stating my processor is not supported with Windows 10.