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    Issues with my Intel HD graphics 5500, I think it's because my laptop tells me that I have directX 11.2 installed and the hardware can only handle 11.1


      So... Ever since Monday 8/3/2015, whenever I start one of my games that requires 3D graphics I get a message saying the" the Display Driver for the Intel HD Graphics display for Windows 8 has stopped responding and has recovered." Every time this happens the game crashes and that's any game I try  to start. My laptop is a Lenovo e550 with an Intel CORE i5-5200u CPU @ 2.20 GHz for the processor. I'm using an Intel HD Graphics 5500 display at 1366x768 HD resolution. I already tried calling tech support for Lenovo and they couldn't figure it out. Today I was looking through what I had for versions of my drivers and I saw that my run-time version of DirectX is 11.2 and the Hardware-supported version is 11.1. I don't know if this is what the problem is but I find it strange that I have 11.2 on here and it only supports 11.1 and I cant find any other discrepancies that could cause it to malfunction. I've put a lot of money and time into my games and now I'm at your mercy Intel Community, can use please lend any suggestions/thoughts as to either: How to get my DirectX back to 11.1 or anything else that might help. And just so you know, I  do have all the most recent updates and my current driver version is: I don't think its a coincidences that all my games that run DirectX software malfunction/crash and there seems to be a discrepancy between my run-time version and my hardware-supported version. Please help?