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    HD 4000 Driver and Windows 10 Scaling/Rendering Problem


      I have recently updated from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. The issue I run into is scaling and rendering in games. The issue is older games contain black bars on both sides of the screen. Before updating to Windows 10 I had no issues and games would stretch to the full screen, which is what I preferred. Below are the specs and steps I have already tried to solve the issue.



      A. Windows 10

      B. Intel HD 4000 and NVidia 630M (Intel Driver tried and neither would work at displaying full screen in some games) (NVidia Driver no issues with Nvidia)

      C. Samsung Series 5 computer with Intel Core i7


      Things I have already tried

      A. Tried updating drivers through windows update (Makes no difference)

      B. Tried downloading Intel Iris Beta Driver and Installing (Won't let me install, I keep getting different messages a) Driver is not validated for your computer b) Driver does not match specifications c) Tried installing manually with "Let me choose the driver" still can't do it d) Tried the Intel Driver Utility (It finds no drivers on each scan).

      C. Went to graphic properties menu and mess with settings. This doesn't work because the choice to "Stretch to Fullscreen" no longer exists. Tried creating a custom resolution but won't let me. The suggested resolution is 1366 x 768.

      D. Switch to lower resolution when playing some games that won't stretch chose 1024 x 768. This works but has to be done every single time I want to play a game, then have to switch back to 1366 x 768 when I leave the game. Very very very inconvenient.

      E. Tried using SW Update Utility with Samsung. Nothing to update.


      The scaling option of "Stretch to Fullscreen" needs to come back into the graphic properties menu. This appears to be an issue with the Driver and Windows 10 for people with HD 4000. Any suggestions are welcome to fix this issue.