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    My intel stick powers down when it attempts to load windows.


      I have recently returned my original intel stick because it kept powering down upon booting into windows. 

      Initially I thought the problem was with the stick, so I had them ship me a replacement.

      This stick is also exhibiting the same issue. 

      I was able to complete the initial setup of both sticks and log into windows. The next time i tried rebooting the stick, it powered down before the windows screen appears.

      It doesn't power down while im in the bios or the windows repair sections.

      I finally figured out or isolated one common denominator, it's my Samsung TV. 

      I've tried it on 2 samsungs TV and it fails.  I tried it on my LG tv and it works. 

      I need it to work on my Samsung. Anyone else out there having trouble with the stick on Samsung TV.  If so do you have any tweaks to make this work?