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    SoftwareSerial on Edison


      Hi Everyone,

      Has anyone tried using the SoftwareSerial library to code a sketch on arduino for intel edison? I have been struggling with lots of errors, and it isnt compiling...

      Help anyone had similar issues and a possible way out??

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          Hi Michael27,


          If you look at the code of the SoftwareSerial library, you’ll notice a lot of dependencies on the AVR architecture. Given that the architecture of the Edison is x86, this library is not compatible with the board.




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            Thanks PabloM_Intel, I have checked the SoftwareSerial library's source code, and ther's indeed a lot of dependencies on the AVR architecture as also seen in the error message. But is there any alternative to using SoftwareSerial for edison or any other Library i could use as I am trying to send serial data between an android device and the edison via the arduino mechanism. Thanks!

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              I took some code written against software serial and fudged it as follows (used serial1).


              static const int RXPin = 4, TXPin = 3;

              static const uint32_t GPSBaud = 9600;



              // The TinyGPS++ object

              TinyGPSPlus gps;



              // The serial connection to the GPS device

              #define ss Serial1



              void setup()







                Serial.println("An extensive example of many interesting TinyGPS++ features");

                Serial.print("Testing TinyGPS++ library v. "); Serial.println(TinyGPSPlus::libraryVersion());

                Serial.println("by Mikal Hart");


                Serial.println("Sats HDOP Latitude   Longitude   Fix  Date       Time     Date Alt    Course Speed Card  Distance Course Card  Chars Sentences Checksum");

                Serial.println("          (deg)      (deg)       Age                      Age  (m)    --- from GPS ----  ---- to London  ----  RX    RX        Fail");




              Hope this helps.



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