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    Ubuntu LiveCD for the STCK1A32WFC (Windows)


      I've created an Ubuntu LiveCD for the STCK1A32WFC (Windows) if anyone is interested in trying Linux.


      When I first heard that a mini PC with an Intel CPU was to be launched I thought that everything would be straight forward for Linux. Unfortunately new hurdles were presented with a 32-bit BIOS and neither wifi nor sound. It meant a cumbersome installation for Ubuntu and also compiling an additional module for wifi. Even when a solution for audio was found another bug was encountered in the BIOS. In order to get both a working and usable Ubuntu I've had to recompile the Ubuntu kernel source and include the wifi and audio patches and also a fix for the BIOS and then build a LiveCD to simplify the testing and installation on the ICS.


      You can download my 'ISO' from ubuntu-14.10-desktop-linuxium-ics.iso - Google Drive


      It is a development version and I'll probably update it over time. It is also BIOS dependant. For the ICS the kernel has been created for version 0018 of the BIOS which is the version that was factory installed on my ICS. I've also written some instructions which are posted Ubuntu LiveCD for the ICS (Windows version) - Google Docs that include a beginner's tutorial for installing Ubuntu along side Windows. Also you can show your appreciation by donating at http://goo.gl/nXWSGf.

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