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    DMA SPI 8 bit write working in 3.10.17




      Finally had a chance to look at the DMA SPI issues so I have back ported some changes from the 3.10.20 Zenfone release to my git repo to try and get my SPI Display working at a reasonable rate.


      All seem good so far but haven't been able to get the 8 bit read functionality to work as of yet!  By the looks of it i can achieve 32MHz and my

      DOOM project (DOOM on Edison with adafruit2.8 TFT) is working as expected now!  There are still issues with dmam_alloc_coherent() in FBTFT but thats another story!


      KurtE and jwestervelt if you or anyone else wants to give the write functionality a try then look here are my git repo


      s2ack/edison-kernel · GitHub


      It's a complete cherry picking exercise so I don't know if anything else has been broken


      If I get a chance I'll look at the read functionality to see whats going on!


      In the mean time a question to Intel.  Will the new Kernel your due to release be based on 3.10.20 given ASUS seem to be using it and I guess the patches supplied to them where from you?