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    Bios upgrade on s1400fp4 to work with E5-2420 v2




      I am a bit stuck and was wondering if anyone else might have an idea.


      Here is my situation:

      I reccently decided we need a new ESXi-Host so I did some research and decided to go for the s1400fp4 since its supporting a large amount of memory as well as the latest Xeon E5-2400 v2 CPUs (according to the Intel-website). So I bought a s1400fp4 and e5-2420 v2.

      Installed everything, power up.....screen stays black. After talkin in the live-chat to gustavo we found that my batch (PBA number G49708-203) has an old bios installed that does not support v2 CPUs. Bummer!

      (see attachment)


      The Problem:

      I was told its not possible to flash/update the BIOS without a (supported) CPU installed.

      (Not even with the jumper/usb method)


      The Question:

      Is the person right ?

      Is it possible to update the bios with a V2 CPU installed ?

      Is it possible to update BIOS without any CPU installed ?

      Can the BIOS chip be removed and updated with an eeprom tool ?


      Is anyone willing to lend me their E5-2400 v1 so I can performe the upgrade ?



      I was so looking forward to the new system and do not want to spend money on a V1 CPU just to upgrade the BIOS and then try to sell it on ebay or something. (the cheapest i found was the E5-2403)

      Maybe someone had the same problem before and found a solution ?

      Still hoping for a easy fix