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    Black screen after installing Intel VGA Driver


      Hello, how are you guys doing?


      After I installed the Intel VGA Driver I started seeing a black screen after Windows initialization. Actually it seems like the computer screen goes to standby mode, and although the HD LEDs continue blinking I can't really tell whether the OS has initialized. The problem stops when I start Windows on safe mode and uninstall the VGA Driver. However, I need the Intel Driver in order to have a good performance, but it just doesn't work, and I'm not going to buy a graphics card. Without the manufacturer driver my system relies on a generic driver provided by Microsoft, which doesn't even allow me to use Windows Aero interface, so you can see that although this is a regular processor (it's not high-end, but should do the job) my video performance is very poor. I thought I knew what I was buying, but I need the product to work properly, with its full capability, so please help me fix this.


      My motherboard is an ASUS B85M-E/BR, and my processor is an Intel Core i5-4440 6MB 3.1GHz (3.3GHz Max Turbo) LGA 1150 BX80646I54440 (4933:1717 - 61713289). I have 8GB of RAM installed, and my OS is Windows 7 - 64bit.


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