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    Anything to do before my RAID0 array dies? Clicking sounds + drives spinning up and down on Intel p55 express chipset



      I have an old Asus P7P 55D motherboard with an Intel P55 express chipset and a RAID0 array built with two Samsung hard drives (2x1TB).

      For a few days now, I've had regular clicking sounds on BOTH disks, which I find odd (probably the sounds of the heads parking).

      the Intel Rapid Storage utility doesn't report anything wrong with the array, and can't find any errors when I check the disks within the utility.

      I've read both disks' S.M.A.R.T settings with HDD Guardian, but it's all green.

      I've also tried to stop the drives's APM setting to prevent head parking with hdparm but it doesn't work on RAID0 arrays (or I can't get it to work anyway).


      Any idea how to troubleshoot further? This gives me 3/4 seconds delays in online gaming when the disks click or spin up & down...