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    Will Intel ever write drivers that have scaling options for all of their graphics chip sets?


      I have a DN2820FYKH with 0050 BIOS upgraded from 0034 with all drivers installed from the Download Center. The unit is connected to a Panasonic TC-P50X 50-inch plasma 720p HDTV via HDMI. With the resolution set to 1920x1080 it over scans. The driver only has Maintain Aspect Ratio and Center Image. I know that the hardware is capable of displaying without over  scanning. Windows 8.1 supports pinning apps to the sides or top/bottom of the display. This includes the Desktop. The keyboard shortcut for this is: windows key + period When I press these keys and hold them the over scan disappears. When released it returns. There are settings in the registry Display1_DownscalingSupported and Display1_AddUndersanPercentage and others that have settings for the X or Y axis resolution. Any one have knowledge of changing these keys to adjust the resolution of the display?