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    Intel Wireless Adapter 7265 - Win 8.1 Driver problems




      So I work for the IT department of the Ohio State University. We have a brand new Dell computer that came with a 7265 Adapter. Immediately upon receiving it, we noticed that after several hours, the wireless connection would drop. The adapter would be unable to see any wireless networks at all. If you disable and re-enable the adapter it connects immediately.


      I called Dell, and they reinstalled the drivers, it kept happening.

      We replaced the entire wireless adapter, it kept happening.

      We reinstalled Windows from scratch, installed the drivers and no other software of any kind. The same problem continues.


      I have a few clues from the event log that might help.


      I get several error codes from NETwNb64 that say:


      "The description for event ID 8000 from source NETwNb64 cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer."


      I understand that this is from one of the driver files.


      Checking the WLAN-Autoconfig log, we see a pattern. There are three messages that pop up every once in a while, roughly every 2-3 hours. These three messages all arrive in this order within the same second.


      "Wireless security stopped"

      "Wireless security started"

      "Wireless security succeeded"


      But then, at some point, usually overnight, we see just

      "Wireless security stopped"


      followed about 10 seconds later by a disconnection from the wireless networks. After this event it appears that we are no longer able to see any wireless networks until the adapter is reset or the machine is reset.


      To be totally honest, I don't know whether any of these events are related, and I am not sure if it's possible there is a hardware misconfiguration, but this is a brand new computer, it has happened with two separate wireless cards (of the same model) and there is no other software installed on the computer that could be interfering with it.


      I hope someone can guide me toward a solution.



      Jason Bray

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