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    So, does the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility actually do anything anymore?


      Oh hi!  I'm here and frustrated again.


      You see, I've got this Dell Latitude E6440 that I'm having all manner of difficulties with.  In any case, I'm doing some tests on it, and in my testing... I noticed something.


      The Intel Chipset Installation Utility doesn't... appear... to actually DO anything.  No driver gets updated in Device Manager.  After a completely fresh Windows 7 64-bit install, I run the following command:


      setupchipset.exe -overall


      It proceeds "to install," IE a progress bar happens, and then it finishes.  If I go to Device Manager, EVERYTHING is still using these ancient Microsoft drivers dating to 2006.  What gives, guys?  This is some serious nonsense.  The E6440 uses a QM87 chipset, so the optimal drivers aren't "built-in" to a vanilla Windows 7 install, which came out before the QM87 did.


      Why can't you just publish a driver package that works across all systems, like your old one did?  Is it really that hard?