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    NUC DN2820 Flash BIOS update problem


      I tried updating my NUC 2820 to the latest v50 bios. It seemed successful, but I lost the ability to get into the Visual BIOS. F2 at boot does nothing. F7 does work, but attempting to downgrade the BIOS to v48 or, re-install v50 fails. The message is "Flash Update Failed (8000000000000007,0).


      Anyone know what that means? I also am unable to get the "Power Button Menu". Holding the power button at startup does nothing. Requesting the Visual BIOS at the Visual Boot Manager also does nothing.


      I should add that my Windows 7 OS comes up normally. Are there any Windows tools to access the BIOS settings?

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          I tried that and apparently nothing happened. The power stayed on for over 10 minutes before I shut it off. There were no messages or menus on the screen.


          Additional info:  Apparently my original flash update was successful. I infer this because the Visual Boot Manager version shows 0.75. That version was not added until after BIOS 28 which is where I started.


          F7 flash update works for all the "Preparing" steps and then fails On the first "Flashing" step which is the Management Engine component.

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            I tried a different flash drive (and FAT32 not FAT). That got me into BIOS recovery mode which confirmed I was at BIOS level 50.


            There I was able to access the Visual BIOS (by F2) and I reset defaults. (F9)


            I used F4 for BIOS recovery and that immediately told me to restore the BIOS jumper and restart which I did.


            When I restarted in normal nothing had changed. I could not use F2 to reach the Visual BIOS and any attempt to re-flash the BIOS via F7 failed as previously.


            What is the expected behavior in BIOS Recovery when you press F4?

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              There is no function associated to the F4 key.

              It looks like the next step is replacing the Intel® NUC.  Contact Support

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                Sorry, I was not clear. I used F4 from the BIOS Recovery menu, not from the Visual BIOS. What is the expected result there?

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                  http://downloadmirror.intel.com/23417/eng/DN2820FYKH_TechProdSpec04.pdf (pages 55, 42)


                  The Power Button Menu is accessible via the following sequence:

                  1. System is in S4/S5 (not G3)
                  2. User pushes the power button and holds it down
                  3. The system will emit three short beeps from the PC speaker, then stop to signal the user to release the power button (approximately 3 seconds)
                  4. User releases the power button before the 4-second shutdown override


                  If this boot path is taken, the BIOS will use default settings, ignoring settings in VPD where possible.

                  At the point where Setup Entry/Boot would be in the normal boot path, the BIOS will display the following prompt and wait for a keystroke:

                  [ESC]    Normal Boot

                  [F2]    Intel Visual BIOS

                  [F3]    Disable Fast Boot

                  [F4]    BIOS Recovery

                  [F7]    Update BIOS

                  [F10]    Enter Boot Menu

                  [F12]    Network Boot

                  [F3]    Disable Fast Boot is only displayed if at least one Fast Boot optimization is enabled.


                  If an unrecognized key is hit, then the BIOS will beep and wait for another keystroke.

                  If one of the listed hotkeys is hit, the BIOS will follow the indicated boot path.

                  Password requirements must still be honored.

                  If Disable Fast Boot is selected, the BIOS will disable all Fast Boot optimizations and reset the system.




                  BIOS Recovery Update process if a matching *.bio file is found.

                  Recovery Update can be cancelled by pressing the Esc key.


                  If the Recovery Update was cancelled or a matching *.bio file was not found, a Config Menu will be displayed. The Config Menu consists of the following (followed by the Power Button Menu selections):

                  [1] Suppress this menu until the BIOS Security Jumper is replaced.

                  [2] Clear BIOS User and Supervisor Passwords.