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    NUCDN2820FYKH slow network connection



      I just recently purchased a NUC PC, Model DN2820FYKH.  It came with the Intel 7260BN WiFi card.  I just installed Windows 7 64 bit.  Now that I have it set up and all the drivers updated and installed, I am noticing that the network connection is really slow.  A speed test of the internet connection shows download speeds of less than 10 Mbps.  All the other computers on the network have speeds of 30 Mbps.  Pinging my home router shows incredible variability in ping time, ranging from 20 ms up to 2,000 ms.  The problem is the same if I connect via wireless or by the Ethernet port.  The problem goes away when I boot the computer into safe mode with networking.  In safe mode the speeds are great.  I have checked the performance monitor and no suspicious programs are hogging the processor, memory, or network.  Just to be on the safe side, however, I have run both Malwarebytes and my antivirus (Symantec Endpoint Protection).  Neither can find anything amiss.  I am no network wizard so I thought I would get some advice before I start banging my head against the wall.  Any advice would be appreciated.