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    intel nuc is dead after suspend on Linux mint 17.1


      I  bought this NUC D54250WYKH few months back. I am not using this very frequently.  I have installed Linux mint on this after the Bios upgrade as recommended.

      This configuration is as below

      Wireless card Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Plus Bluetooth

      RAM   Crucial 4GB CL11 SODIMM DDR3


      HardDisk HGST 1TB 7200RPM 2.5" INT SATA

      Keyboard Mouse Microsoft wireless 800

      It has been working without any problems. I have my linux mint power management option to suspend after 30 min. of inactivity. However it is now dead after it went to suspend mode. It does not boot any more. There is no sign of booting/harddisk sound / LED when i switch it on and the screen remains blank. When it went to suspend mode for the last time it did not wake up after any keyboard/mouse input. I had to switch it off. After that it is dead and won't switch on.

      I have read similar reports on this forum. I am now planning to take it back to shop where i purchased from. It is still under warranty. Hoping to get it replaced. 

      This is a serious problem and looks like it has been faced by few people. I request intel to look into this on priority and work on fixing this. Also if there is a way to fix this without replacement please let me know.



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          Hello mahsah,


          I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with one of our products.

          Yes, you are correct, we have had some reports of similar issues and we are currently investigating this situation. I would recommend that you take it back to the place of purchase for warranty or contact Intel Customer Support, here is the contact information:  http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contactsupport



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            i think this has something to do with UEFI. There were several products which are just totally crashing when booting with a Linux Live CD for example. Then its bricked :-(

            Google will help. I bet you are using your NUC in UEFI-Mode. I never used UEFI with my Mint-Rebecca and dont having any trouble. UEFI has great capablitys, but making essential system-functions vulnerable.

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              I don't remember what were the BIOS settings.  What i remember is I installed Linux mint from USB live stick. But it failed to boot from SSD after installation. The Bios version was older.  After updating to latest BIOS version it successfully starting booting from SSD. It is possible that I enabled UEFI at that time or sometime later. Thanks for your input though. I will keep UEFI disabled when I get my replacement NUC.

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                  I have had the same issue again. After I got my NUC replaced couple months back and new the replaced NUC has died exactly the same way yesterday. This time on hibernate. I feel completed cheated by intel. This crap product cost me SGD $600 ( not to mention $300 on rest of the hardware to make this CRAP work)  and it does not work even work for a few weeks every time intel replaces.   This problem is definitely reproducible and intel is not doing enough or anything to address it.  YOU NEED TO RECALL THIS PRODUCT AND REPLACE WITH A ONE WITH DOES NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM OTHERWISE COMPENSATE CUSTOMERS FOR THIS FAULTY PRODUCT.  Here is serial no of my NUC I just returned today G6YK409008TA. I am now waiting for possibly another one which I can guarantee that it will die in few weeks.



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                  Apparently, Intel figure it's cheaper to keep processing these RMA's versus fixing the bug.


                  Folks have been reporting this problem for at least 6 months:


                  Intel NUC D54250WYKH won't power on


                  and it's still "under investigation"?


                  There are quite a few other long running sagas with various BIOS problems. I simply don't understand why Intel management allows this to happen. When I ran a Customer Support Center for a major computer manufacturer, we had a comprehensive escalation policy to flag such situations long before they developed into these sagas.


                  I was personally impacted by the Broadwell CIR Linux saga which was eventually resolved but not before a lot of users became extremely frustrated and agitated. I have followed way too many similar soap operas on this forum. I love many aspects of my NUC but these support sagas totally prevent me from recommending the NUC product line to others.

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                    Thanks Malch for sharing you experience. I am just a linux enthusiast and bought this NUC for personal use and faced this issue.

                    True. There are several reports of these. I just read one thread

                    D54250WYKH no power light after hibernate, Ubuntu 14.04, latest BIOS

                    at the end of this thread someone has mentioned that this is fixed in the latest bios update with link to release notes. Not sure if anyone has had same issue after upgrading to that BIOS version. Mine may not be having that version. The Release notes description only say

                    "Fixed issue where system with Linux Ubuntu* cannot resume from sleep."

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                      Do not upgrade to 0040 or 0041. The issue will return.