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    D54250WYK: Completely locked out of BIOS


      In an attempt to properly detect a USB 3.0 camera in Windows after a NUC cold-start power-on, I inadvertently set all USB ports to "No Detect" in the BIOS. This did fix my camera detection issues but now I am completely locked out of the BIOS as the USB keyboard can no longer be recognized. (Note: USB devices are detected fine by the OS still - just not by the BIOS)


      This is the exact problem described by another forum member here: Re: D34010WYK does neither boot from USB 3.0 nor boots with plugged USB 3.0 drive

      "Be careful with the "No Detect" setting! Accidentally setting all of external ports to "No Detect" has locked me out of the BIOS setup menus completely. (see my recent posts here)."

      Looks like I read that warning a little too late!

      Is there way to get back into the BIOS / set defaults?

      I've tried:

      1) Re-flashing the BIOS from the Intel-provided Windows tool - flashing works but defaults are not set.

      2) Trying to force the system to enter the BIOS via the BIOS Configuration Jumper - does not enter the BIOS at all unfortunately.

      The only thing I haven't tried is removing the backup battery as the above forum member stated that this does not work either.

      Is RMA-ing the system perhaps my only option now?