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    Intel HD 3000 driver


      I've a Dell inspiron N4050 laptop. It has an AMD HD 7400M graphics card and Intel HD 3000 as well. It was working great, until recently, I updated it's driver. I downloaded the genuine Intel HD 3000 driver from Intel's site. I used the auto detect utility because I wasn't sure about the driver. The installation went great and without any error , and at last, it asked me to restart my laptop for the new settings to take place. But, as soon as I restarted it, I get this blue screen error all the time, and I can't even work on my laptop. My laptop isn't even working properly and i cant play games as well. It doesn't work properly, except when I use it in Safe mode. I tried to download the driver from Dell's official website too and the same happened. Now, I removed the driver completely and the laptop is working properly, except I can't play any games or watch movies because of bad graphics and due to the absence of the driver. I tried installing it from many sources, but it just doesn't work. What should I do to make my laptop alright? Any suggestions would be welcomed.




      Processor: 2nd Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2450M CPU @2.50 Ghz
      RAM: 4 GB
      Windows 7 Home basic 64 Bit


      Please help me guys. Kindly give a working solution. Without the driver, my laptop's display is completely dull and doesn't work properly.




      Thanks in advance,