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    Intel 240GB SSD not recognized in Loop L5 w/ DH61AG


      Recently upgraded several customer's Loop L5 AIO from an Intel 60GB SSD to a 240GB (SSDSC2BW240A401). Systems were running fine before the upgrade. After the upgrade the systems booted to the new drives fine (imaged from the 60GB SSD, Windows 7 x64). However; if the users shutdowns the PC or the PC restarts (Windows Updates) the SSD is not recognized and they get the error message "No Bootable Device Found". If you unplug power from the MB, wait 10-15 seconds and reconnect power, it will boot fine. One of my co-workers also said if you bring up the Boot Menu, it will then see the SSD and allow you to choose it and boot up fine.


      The DH61AG had BIOS version 40, I upgrade it to 99 then to 109, per instructions, but it did not help the problem.


      I have seen several other post w/ similar issues, it is like there is a lag in the SSD "spinning up" if you will, that the PCs don't see them as an available boot device.