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           did you use thinkpad x240 ? if not,can you tell me the machine type ? thks a lot!!



        can you confirm that the Bluetooth is now working when updating to 17.0.1401.03 dated 04/10/2014 ?

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          I'm on 17.0.1401.03 (10/4-2014) for Bluetooth and 17.0.0 (18/3-2014) for WiFi running 7260 AC and Win 7 HP x64 and it still does not work. Uninstalled earlier WiFi and Bluetooth drivers and reinstalled the latest drivers (see above) and restarted the computer. Automatically "Generic Bluetooth Adapter" is AGAIN identified and get "Error 43". Pointing to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Bluetooth\Drivers" I get "Intel Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter" and "Intel Centrino Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 High Speed Adapter" as well as "Intel Centrino Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 High Speed Adapter" and they all return "Code 43". (Haven't tried the 3.0 since the BT should be v. 4.0).

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            thinkpad x240  7260 ac update to BT_17.0.1401.03_e164, bluetooth still can't working, it appears in unkown usb device error code 43.

            can Joe_intel give offical advise ??

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              Hi Gordon,


              I am using a Toshiba Satellite model: C50-A-0JR running windows 8.1 64 bit


              My laptop originally came with a crappy 1x1 Broadcom Wireless N WiFI that I removed and

              replaced with a 2x2 Intel Dual Band 7260 AC (note: there is more than one flavor of 7260 intel

              adapter, some have single band, some dual band-2.4ghz and 5ghz, non Bluetooth and wireless N versions). I am using the Wireless 7260 AC from intel which I purchased my self and installed on my notebook (Tosh. satellite)

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                The latest version is supposed to fix the code 43 issue. I see it worked for some of you but not for others.

                I will report the results back, I am sorry for the inconvenience.

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                  Please make sure you have latest BIOS for your system and do complete power cycle. Remove the power cord (and battery) from your system after shutdown and report your results.

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                    replace another new card, Bluetooth are normal. some of the  early 7260ac cards are flawed!

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                      How can you tell which cards are "flawed"?  I have all the same bluetooth issues.  BIOS up to date.  Used latest driver from Lenovo, then tried the latest from intel.  Nothing seems to work.  Why am I still getting the Code 43 error? 


                      I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga.  Any help from Intel would be appreciated.

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                        So, the power cycle did not help you. This is rare since it solved the issue for everyone else.

                        I need to ask:

                        • Did the wireless adapter work before? Did anything change before it stopped working?
                        • Did you try contacting the system manufacturer?
                        • Was this wireless adapter preinstalled or was it an upgrade?
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                          I can not do a full power cycle as the battery is not removable in the Yoga. 


                          This is my second card of this type, the first was generic from Intel (No FPU number) and it was not recognized by the BIOS.  (Lenovo has a Whitelist of proper adapters).  I did get it to start and it did work both with the wireless and bluetooth, but would give an error on restart.  I then ordered a Card (upgrade) with the proper FPU number for the Thinkpad Yoga.  When I contacted Lenovo they said the card was correct and I had their current driver and BIOS.  They said it was a software/driver issue.  That is why I am trying here.  Thanks for your help.

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                            I have just found a possible workaround for this. You may want to check if you have an option to disable Bluetooth* in BIOS, reboot your system, and then enable it again. Otherwise you could try a full uninstall/reinstall of the driver or check with the system manufacturer again. Please share your results so other users may benefit from them.

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                              I joined the Intel communities site just to help find a solution to this problem.


                              Short version, particular to BT is that I have two nearly identical MSI GS60 Ghost laptops (one is for a friend, I'm trying to get everything configured before I send it to her).  I've used various version of the Proset utility and Intel's BT drivers from the "base" version windows update installed to the last version as-of ~ June 7th.  Using a new Logitech BT mouse, it'd lose connection every time the laptop went to sleep or was put into hibernation. 


                              The WiFi issues I'm having are similar to most others.. reasonably "stable" performance with 5ghz AC connection, but unusually high ping time and a few random disconnects.  With 2.4ghz N, the range is better, but the speed fluctuates.  Windows & the Intel drivers will report a connection speed from 270 to the max 300 Mbps, but the actual transfer rates are all over the map.  When first connected, Windows (8.1) would report a file xfer rate of ~ 15MB/sec within close range.  I walked downstairs and my speed dropped to ~ 1.5MB/sec or worse. This is using a brand-new Netgear R7000 router.  With my original DLink DIR-655, it'd lose connection every 5 minutes, so the new Netgear AC router is 100x better.  Oh, and this happens with the latest 17.0.5 drivers.


                              I've got a new Broadcom based card on order that I'm going to try to swap/compare, + a couple other laptops using slightly older 802.11n cards. 


                              So after about 1-month dealing with the 7260 card, I think this is the worst Intel product I've ever used and is recall-worthy.  I don't actually expect Intel to step up to the plate, but who knows, I've been surprised before!

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                                xyvyx, I am truly sorry for the bad experience with our product.


                                In regards of the throughput there are some recommendations that you can apply, such as using the 5 GHz band and disable uAPSD from the adapter properties.


                                If issues persist I kindly recommend you following up in one of the other threads in Wireless Networking dealing with throughput (slow connections) since this one is specifically for Bluetooth*issues. You may also contact the system manufacturer, especially for possible hardware related issues.

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                                  Dear Joe,


                                  I have just registered for one purpose only. This is not your personal fault but the CRAP 7260 wireless card your corporation released to the marked should be re-found for everybody experiencing the bluetooth related problems. I purchased my lenovo x240 laptop only 2 weeks ago, it was manufactered in July 2014, so we can agree that it is quite a fresh laptop and it quite likely has the flaw-free 7260 adapter. And since the very beginning instead of being happy with my laptop I am struggling with this bloody bluetooth issue. It appears that either, your hardware or software is not working as it is supposed to. And saying that the bloody discussions here solved the issue for "the others" does not make me even a bit happier because I am among of those who are still nowhere closer to getting the issue fixed. Still getting error 43.


                                  Just to make it clear - I am not an average computer user, I am doing hardware programming myself (working with embedded systems). So, if I failed to make the bluetooth adapter work, this means that you f..cked this up quite greatly... This is all I can say. For the future I will think twice before I will go for any Intel Graphics/Wireless/any other product.


                                  Do not bother to reply. This post is only to express the magnitude of my frustration with your product.


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                                    About a year ago I bought a AC7260 card for my Sony Vaio VPC-CA. Like most posters on this thread I had no joy getting the bluetooth to work.


                                    Last week I noticed that some people were able to use this card by insulating "Pin 51" which allowed the bluetooth to work.


                                    Anyhow I decided to try it, and it works.


                                    Pin 51 is the last contact on the far right of the strip when viewing the side of the of the card that contains the antenna connections.


                                    I hope this helps some other people. 

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