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    update utility question


      So, I have been trying the new update utility for some time. There seems to be some problems:


      1. If I install the driver with the utillity the driver seems to install fine, but the utility reports failed before restarting the pc. (bluetooth WP-BT_17.1.1411.01_e164)

      Checked in device manager and the latest driver was installed for n-2230 card.


      2. Does not recognize already downloaded drivers to folder, but not installed. So have to download again.


      2, The column installed version and latest version can be confusing. For bluetooth n-2230 card


      3. After I installed the latest bluetooth for n-2230, WP-BT_17.1.1411.01_e164, the utility reports it as:

          -installed version:

          -Latest version: 17.1.1411.01

          -device manager: 17.1.1411.504


      A little confusing.


      Same issue with hd 4000 graphic driver, reports as installed:, latest version Isn't this the same driver?


      4. If the drivers already are updated, the ticked box for download also can be confusing.


      This is just some of the issues I see with this tool on win 8.1 64bit.