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    Establishing a fixed IP on Edison with Ethernet connection via USB dongle


      I'm a novice user when it comes to Linux networking so I appreciate your patience.


      I need to establish a reliable ethernet connection to my edison from a PC on the same network.


      I've attached the usb ethernet dongle to the ethernet network after powering on my edison (with arduino breakout)

      I then ssh in from another computer on the same network ssh root@<configname>.local

      I then run ifconfig to get the IP of the edison

      I get for the inet addr


      One thing I noticed is that if I have both wifi enabled and an active ethernet connection ssh defaults to the ethernet connection.


      To test the IP I simply ping from another command line window.


      All fine so far.

      I think all that I need is to make this IP fixed somehow.


      How can I accomplish this?


      I found these instructions for the galileo, are these applicable to the edison as well? I don't have a network folder in my etc directory...

      How to setup your galileo to have a static IP on a LAN