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    Integrating linux-yocto-3.10 usb/gadget_hid.txt into platform/intel-mid?


      I'm looking for the equivalent of the platform/intel-mid mailing list.

      Thus far the linux-usb mailing list has been quite responsive.



      "In the very same file [gadget_hid.txt] there is an example platform driver; well, at least

      the most important hid-specific parts of it. You must add the usual

      module boilerplate code and in module's init do platform_device_register(),

      while in module's exit do platform_device_unregister()." Andrzej Pietrasiewicz


      This file contains precisely what we need to add to the intel-mid archictecture:



      But the Intel provided patch completely creates the platform/intel-mid



      This is where I am a bit lost and looking to Intel (or an intel-mid mailing list) to give

      some suggestions as to where within platform/intel-mid this might be added.


      I have a branch with a patch adding support for usb hid gadget based on csimmonds/g_hid-demo

      But it currently results in errors, and no HID yet 8(


      # modprobe g_hid

      [11677.348746] Device 'hidg.0' does not have a release() function, it is broken and must be fixed.

      modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'g_hid': No such device


      Another alternative is to try and build a linux 3.19 kernel which supports gadget configfs, but I'd like to try and stay in the supported mainstream as much as possible for now.




      Background on getting to the intel-mid platform source:


      Edison - Software Downloads includes http://downloadmirror.intel.com/24389/eng/edison-image-rel1-maint-rel1-ww42-14.zip

      Which I imported into github: https://github.com/instantinfrastructure/edison-src

      to allow pointing to individual files.


      The ww42-14 release includes a large patch to the linux-yocto kernel sources:


      I have applied that to the linux-yocto-3.10 sources