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    Ready-Mode on Haswell NUC: looking for documentation


      I've just started looking into Intel Ready Mode Technology on the Haswell NUC platform. Support on those devices has been added with a bios update some time ago.


      However, the available documentation on Intel's website (http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/category/sftwr-prod/rmt/doc_guide) isn't really as detailed as I'd like.


      For starters, the setup guide describes a dedicated Ready Mode configuration utility, which I can't find on my build of Windows 8.1 even though I've enabled Ready Mode in the bios settings. Do I have to manually install this configuration utility and where can I download it?

      Where can I find more technical information on how Ready Mode actually works? For example, do I have to add support for Ready Mode to the programs running on my system to actually use it? Or is it handled on a OS level?