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    NUC stops for some seconds


      I just got my nuc with 8bg memory + 120ssd hdd and windows 8.1 64 bit.


      When I want to do anything in windows it stops for some seconds. So I can't do anything. But the mouse courser works.

      It does this no matter what I do. I can for example start chrome and it start chrome and then everything is stopped for some seconds and after that it starts to load the site.


      If I want for example close a window in Windows there is the same problem.


      What is wrong?

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          I am not from Intel, and this is a sort of wild guess since it was a long time ago that I installed Windows 8.1 and you did not specify whether your NUC was DN2820 or something else such as D54250.  But one guess is that you might not have yet loaded the proper Intel graphics driver.  The initial install of Windows sometimes installs a "generic" VGA driver which is slow for certain operations.  If you let some of the Windows updates install and/or you load Intel's bundle of drivers, things should get better.

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            Thanks for you support.


            Jag have D34010WYKH. So I will search here for the right graphic driver and try to install it. I will see If this will be better solution.

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              I tried to use intels download manager for drivers. But I cant download the graphic driver. It says that it is unavailable. And another driver says failed.

              So I can't install any driver with this intel utility download manager.




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                Remember I am not from Intel so my original idea and the following guidance may not help, but I'll try.  If you can't do the download on your NUC, perhaps you have another computer where you can perform the download then copy it to something like USB and then use that USB on the NUC.

                I do not use download manager myself - I looked for some option on the screen which said that I just want the file.  In the case of the very recent graphics driver in the download center, you end up with a .zip file downloaded.  Mine went to the Downloads folder.  When I double-clicked on that file, it opened and then I double-clicked on the setup, and it went through setup and then asked me to restart.  This was on my 54250 but I would think it should be same on the 34010.

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                  Befpre I download and install this new drivers. Should I uninstall the old ones?

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                    In my experience it does not matter - newer Intel graphics drivers easily install themselves over older ones (and over any default Microsoft graphics driver).

                    Having said that, if your Windows 8.1 64-bit already has some Intel graphics driver installed, then my original idea (from 36 hours ago) does not apply.

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                      I have updated some of the drivers but no changen. But then I saw when this issue stopps my ssd drive in 100_% when clicking alt+ctrl+del.This happens evry time I want to do something i windows.


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                        Kladde, you may try the following:


                        Please provide feedback on whether the issue happens in the conditions suggested above and the model of the SSD if the issue persists.

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                          I have tested in safe mode and no change. But I think I have solved it. This I have solved by disable the Intel Rapid energy safe mode I think it was called.


                          Now no problems with Windows some times out takes long time to load it.

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                            Anyone knows maybe why windows sometimes takes to long to start? The fastest start-up is maybe 10s and the longest some minutes.

                            Today I also got "a disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" before windows logo when turning on NUC.

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                              All the symptoms - unresponsiveness except for the mouse, disk (SSD!) at 100% for "long" periods of time, random long boots, and disk errors point to the fact that your SSD is the culprit.  You should replace it.

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                                Thanks Leszek. Is there a way to verify it before I buy a new ssd? I tested with some program and everything was ok. The 100% of usage I have fixed.

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                                  You could of course try to install Ubuntu 14.10 on your drive and see if you get these freezes there too.


                                  If not well then your perhaps should stick to Ubuntu (or if you really want/need windows then do another drive through those driver packages) but if you get freezes with Ubuntu aswell you could try a different SSD.

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                                    Before I do that I need to make a backup for my windows 8.1 because I have windows installed from the beginning. Anyone knows How do make a bootable USB with windows?

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