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    Stuttering gaming performance with D54250WYK


      I know D54250WYK isnt really a gaming plattform but its a great solution to get yourself decent desktop performance which is absolutely quiet (using a passively cooled chassi).


      Then when steamboxes hopefully arrives during 2015 I can have one workstation (NUC) and one gaming station (Steambox) where the gaming station doesnt matter if it have fans and is noisy because that will only be turned on while gaming.


      So I installed 2x8GB Kingston Hyperx Impact memories (to get 16GB in total) and a 1TB Samsung 850 Pro SSD in this NUC which I then installed Ubuntu 14.10 on.


      After installing Steam and let it download CS:Source I noticed that the NUC can actually run this game fairly good at medium settings.


      However everytime I fire a weapon (or someone else fires something that produce a lightning effect on the screen) the game starts to stutter. And this doesnt matter if im just facing a wall or have plenty of objects in front of me (like looking out at the landscape).


      It seems that this is related to the lighting effect being rendered because as soon as the light effect is gone on the screen the game is as smooth as before.


      So I simply wonder if any other NUCers out there have experienced the same and perhaps have a suggestion on how to fix this (is there a setting I should apply in Steam or perhaps something in the NUC bios or for that matter within Ubuntu 14.10?).

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          I mentioned this in another thread.  The 15W ceiling is shared between the CPU and the GPU.  In a game when a scene requires more physics CPU calculations your GPU will suffer.  If you have sufficient cooling raise your turbo boost power to a higher level.  With the default cooler I found 25W to give me less than 80C temp and should be a safe level to try but your NUC will get much louder.

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            I currently run with:


            Turbo Boost Short Power Max: 25W

            Turbo Boost Power Max: 25W

            Processor Current Limit: 34A



            compared to default who are:


            Turbo Boost Short Power Max: 25W

            Turbo Boost Power Max: 15W

            Processor Current Limit: 32A



            and that seems to have resolved the stuttering when firing.


            Now my only problem left is that fullscreen seems to hang after a few seconds while running in windowed mode works without hangs.

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              Hello Apachez,


              I noticed you have another thread with this same question. My best recommendation is to keep working on the other thread.

              Here is the link:

              Overclocking D54250WYK


              Kevin M

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                Hello kevin_intel,


                In that case I think its better if you can move LeszekM msg and my reply to the overclocking thread instead.


                This current thread is regarding stuttering gaming performance.


                One observation regarding the stuttering problem is that is seems like cs:s (steam) bring one better performance when running in windowed mode that fills he full screen (1680 resolution) compared to running in fullscreen but upscale from 1280 resolution - is there perhaps an issue with the current intel driver provided by 3.16.0-28-generic kernel in Ubuntu 14.10, anyone else experienced this or might have a solution?

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                  Dear Apachez,


                               "HDMI audio"  This message is in the wrong place, but I wanted to write it down anyway.


                  I _had_ a problem with my NUC connected via mini-hdmi to hdmi cable to hdmi port on my

                  ASUS VG236H monitor that randomly the screen would go black for random periods.


                  I did all the usual cable wiggling, nothing made any difference, _EXCEPT_ the bios setting "HDMI audio" to disabled.


                  This kind of makes some sense because the ASUS VG236H monitor does _not_ have speakers, so it may get tripped up.


                  I also noted that when using my friend's monitor via the same cable plus a hmdi to dvi adapter, this issue did _not_ happen.


                  Respectfully yours,



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                    Thanks for the hint.


                    In my case I use the minidisplayport as output through a cable into DVI input on my Eizo S2231W monitor.


                    HDMI audio is already disabled in BIOS since I dont use it.


                    In my case the fix seems to be to add this to the launch options for each game in Steam:


                    -novid -console -window -noborder -high +r_dynamic 0 +fps_max 60


                    The magic part is the r_dynamic 0 which Intel HD graphics seems to have a hard time to deal with if that is enabled (value set to 1 which is default).


                    Now I only have an issue that full screen doesnt work, only windowed mode. Or rather full screen do work but as soon as the round starts (in lets say CS:S) and I have just passed the buying sequence the game hangs (which it doesnt do when playing in windowed mode). It also hangs in case you need to alt+tab in order to adjust sound or something else on the desktop. But I think I will put that case into its own thread if I didnt do that already (I hope other NUCers in here are using Ubuntu (14.10) and plays steam games and perhaps experienced this)...

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