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    Intel's button-sized Curie, Really ?!?!?


      Intel's button-sized Curie will enable low-power wearables

      Intel must be joking with this!  What are they thinking?  I am convinced someone is putting something in the water cooler at corporate.

      They first they come out with the Intel Galileo, a royal flop if I ever saw one. You would think they would have learned their lesson, but no. They then come out with the Edison. Now I will admit the hardware was well thought out, unlike the Galileo. However the firmware / software was a royal joke. To add to the pain they don't even have a committed team working full time on the Edison. Now they want to release yet another product to the market. 


      Intel, just give it up already!  It's quite clear you just have no idea what it takes to bring a good "working" product to the market!  You name in the IoT world has become known as the Microsoft Vista of products.

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          i totally agree

          regarding edison, the firmware/software and also documentation is the reason why i dont recommend and use this product for my future projects

          bad because the hardware is really great

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            "bad because the hardware is really great"

            I know, right?

            Such a sweet piece of hardware. So many times I wished a module had this or that extra. This one "for me" nailed it perfectly.

            So dam excited about it, as I could have used this in so many of our products.

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              like ODROID-C1 for example?

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                The ODROID-C1 is awesome product,  no doubt about it. Unfortunately for me needs i need something with less connectors.

                If you look on their site you will find the ODROID-W, which is discontinued. I can only hope that soon they will take the guts of the C1 and make another ODROID-W like product.

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                  Arietta G25, but not so powerful (cpu and ram)

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                    I have that too, but after tasting the power of the C1 I cant go back.

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                      the good thing is intel is only one additional player and on this market not the biggest

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                        Hi Mike,


                        Personally I understand your frustration with the Edison.  I think it has the potential to do some great stuff, but we are currently on the bleeding edge.  Luckily I just do it for the fun of it, and not trying to make products to sell...   I should pre-note, that I have not given up here, especially since I will be hopefully receiving my Trossen Robot later this month, which uses one...


                        This is not the first time I have been on the bleeding edge.  I ordered a BeagleBone back when it just came out.  At that time it took several weeks before you could figure out how to actually enable an IO pin or a UART on it.   I then went to the Odoid U2 and then Ordered one of the first U3s when it first came out, which was a mistake.  The USB ports on it have been really flaky, there are instructions now up there on how to solder a jumper and cut off some components to make it work.  Should have waited for the next rev of it instead...  Also difficulty in getting wifi modules to work... Only supported a minimal number of resolutions on HDMI... But last week in a day of frustration I did also order a C1, which is now sitting in my mailbox in town...


                        Hopefully it also does not need some hardware rev.   Also may be asking you more info, like have you hooked up a SPI tft display to yours?  If so which one and what software...   Or things like, so far on Odroids, I have done all of my stuff directly on processor (putty, winscp), is it hard to setup something like Eclipse... Does Odroid have documents for this... May review their mags...


                        I am glad that you are happy with yours so far.  Is there any documentation on it?  I don't see any hardware documents.  They do have a schematic, but like the Edison I don't see any details on the actual processor.  The wiki has a few things, but no details on things like UARTS....  I also see up on their forums, that there are people who have had issues again with HDMI and wifi... Hopefully it will just work for me.   Don't get me wrong, I like Odroids, especially now that they have an American distributor and you don't have to pay something like $40 to shipping.  But personally my favorite little processor to play with is the Teensy 3.1.  They are simple to use, simple to get going with, instant on.  You use Arduino IDE, there is no linux involved.  You are in full control of the hardware....  If something does not work you easily have the option to try to figure out why and fix it, as the sources are installed on your machine and are built as part of your Arduino project...


                        Hopefully Intel is watching this and will take active steps to help reduce the frustrations.

                        Things like:


                        Statements showing priorities for the product:  Example is IO including GPIO/I2C/SPI a high or low priority.  I know there are products like the up coming robot(s) from Trossen, where this is not a priority, What is important is processing speed, USB, Wifi...  All of the main GPIO will be handled by a secondary processor (Arbotix Pro - Arm Cortex M3).  Simple non-linux setup is probably better for real time control of IO pins...   But for others having solid GPIO is very important.  I am sort of in the middle.  Regardless personally I think SPI and I2C need to fully work!


                        Some form of list showing: what things are planned for the next release or releases and estimates that are updated showing which things are done, and updates on scheduling...


                        Known Issues/bug list: like what their is for MRAA.  If you run into an issue, you can look up to see if it has already been reported.  Also if there are known work arounds and again priority for fix...


                        Maybe more preliminary drops.  Weekly or every few weeks... Or when key features or issues are done.  Maybe only Source drops, or maybe github like setups...


                        More complete documents


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                          Hello KurtE,   Sorry to hear you had a bad start with the Hardkernel. I just heard of them like 3-4 months ago. I bought the U3 to try out and get a feel for the company. For what I did with it I did not have any issues with it at all. HDMI worked for me on 3 units just fine. What impressed me with them is that employees actually respond to the forum and if there is a problem found they quickly address it. I now own 3 C1's and have had a blast with them. Again, I have not had any HDMI issues. Connected a external 1TB hard drive to it as a samba server and that works great.

                          I have not yet connected any LCD's to it yet, I wrote my own LCD library for that which i use as can be see on Versamodule.com. I decided to wait for the LCD stuff because they said they are going to include FBTFT soon which has me real excited.


                          I have used Teensy 3.1, and it is cool but I no long code anything without an OS. I need to have the ability to have threads. Personally I cannot stand the Arduino IDE. I need a full environment that has a folder tree for my files.


                          "is it hard to setup something like Eclipse..."  What i use is VisualGDB, I made a video of using it for the C1, Have to get you that link later. It's ultra easy to get going and your ready to go in under a minute.


                          As far as the documents go, i have not needed anything other that what they have up there so i have not dug to deep. I have not needed to know anything about the processor.

                          If you need it, ask in the forums, I think you will find them very helpful and responsive there.

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                            KurtE, here is that video for VisualGDB and the ORDOID C1.


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                              visualdgb seems to be a great product, i am also active in other communities as well and they love it too

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                                Thanks Mike,


                                Yes - as I mentioned I probably jumped the gun on the U3... They then did a rev of the hardware which hopefully fixed the USB issues.   Obviously I don't dislilke them as I puchased a C1....


                                As for Teensy, others have it setup to use external setups like Eclipse, Atmel Studio 6... I just usually do the, when in Rome ...  As for needing an OS.  Understand, there are a few RTOS setups for the Teensy, which support threads.  There are also timers with tasks...  Again it all depends on what you need. 


                                Will look at VisualGDB. The nice thing about Eclipse is, it will also run on my secondary machine running Ubuntu...

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                                  Not a problem KurtE, when you get your C1 in drop me a line and let me know what you think.

                                  I did not know there was external setups that use Eclipse and AS6, have to check into that sometime. Thanks for the tip.

                                  I did have Eclipse set up for the ODROID C1 before I swapped out my computer hard drive for a new SSD. I'll have to make another video of how to do that.

                                  After ya have done it a few times for different platforms it's really not that bad to adopt it to others.

                                  I'll shoot ya a line when I do it if interested.

                                  I have just come to love VGDB so much that I don't dont bother with Eclipse anymore. But I'll do it again for you.

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                                    Holy *** just received this, looks like Intel still has more to pound out.


                                    Intel Compute Stick....



                                    Hey Intel, How about fixing what you have before you make more of something else.

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