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    Upgrade to Wireless AC




      I have a wireless N card that came with my Asus notebook (K53TK).

      I am looking to upgrade to dual band wireless AC, but I wonder if the antennas that are integrated in my laptop would support Dual Band 5Ghz Wifi,




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          Hello monitor6,

          This is a very good question but I am afraid to say that the OEM is the only one that can provide this information. We provide hardware to Computer Manufacture and they design their own systems including special features or limitations.


          So, at this point you will need to verify this information with the Computer Manufacture. Here is the contact information:



          Kevin M

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            I tried to contact ASUS but they really weren't helpful in any way.


            I am wondering if anyone would be able to answer this by experience.  As in if this sort of antennas generally supports both frequencies 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz.

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              If the Wireless card model is a dual band, it does support 5GHz ad 2.4 GHz.

              Here you have an example of dual Band wireless card:



              This one is the same model but single Band:



              Kevin M

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                I think I can help you:

                Step 1.

                To find the device manager on the PC. No matter windows xp or windows 8, the device manager is in the Control Panel.


                Step 2.

                Double-click on "Universal Serial Bus" in the Device Manager. It will show Intel Wireless Driver.

                Step 3.

                Right-click on the Intel Wireless driver you want to install and select "properties".

                Step 4.

                Click on the "Driver" tab and select "Update Drivers".

                Step 5.

                Click "Search automatically for updated driver software". The windows will search for driver updates and install Intel Wireless Drivers in XP automatically.

                According to my experience, your wifi driver shoud be downloaded, if you have already downloaded it,  you should update it.


                This article has an eleborate explaining:click here.
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                  Any computer that comes with a 2.4Ghz card, the antenna will support a dual band card. Which is 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz. Here is why. 2.4Ghz is a longer wave length compared to 5Ghz.  This mean that the Antenna for a 2.4Ghz radio would need a longer antenna compared to a 5Ghz. now since 5Ghz is  about twice the wave length of 2.4Ghz the radio will automatically tune to use only half the full antenna that is installed needed for a 2.4Ghz. if you need examples of this if you remember when cordless phone came out you would have to pull out the antenna. I believe they were using 800Mhz. then when cordless phone started using 2.4Ghz the antenna were smaller.  This is the same concept with over the Air TV. if you look at a pair of rabbit ears your VHF was the two long antennas and the smaller antenna in the middle is normally for UHF.  This difference between VHF and UHF is a lot greater then with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz but about the same thing. my point is that the 5Ghz radio will auto-tune when it is using an antenna that was meet for 2.4Ghz.


                  Now to prove by experience I have an HP DV7 that came with a 2.4Ghz card.  I wanted to upgrade my card to a dual band because I am a student a university and my school has there 2.4Ghz range speed reduced compared to their 5Ghz range. this really affects the performance when I am in a high populated location. I connected HP to find out of they sell a replacement card that is a Dual band card and they did not and they do not support a dual band card in the laptop.  Well I bought a Intel AC 7260 and installed it. As far as the WiFi has been going everything has been working smoothly.


                  If you do this upgrade I would suggest downloading divers version 17.13.11 for the card and also downloading  Bluetooth drivers 17.0.1401.03, 17.0.1405.02, 17.1.1406.01, and 17.1.1409.01. The Bluetooth drivers need to be installed in this order because some of the are patch versions of the drivers.


                  If you have any more question please ask.