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    How do I create a Volume for RST and keep all of my files?


      I have been following the instructions as best as I can, and I am still at a loss. I have installed all the necessary software, set my SATA mode to RAID, put the two drives (my main slower drive with Windows on it, and my shiny new SSD) into the proper slots on my motherboard that the Intel chipset controls. The only thing that I'm doing that's different from here: Chipset Software — Intel® Smart Response Technology User Guide is that I had a pre-existing installation of Windows 7.


      The problem is, I cannot, for the life of me, get the "Accelerate" button to show up in the RST window:


      This is if my main system drive is in slot 0 in one of the two white SATA 6Gb/s connectors, which I have been told are controlled by the Intel chipset. But, if I flip the two, putting the new SSD into slot 0, and my system drive into slot 1, this happens:


      So I can create something, hooray! But...


      I can keep my data on the SSD (which is blank, by the way, I just got it), but not on the one drive that I want. What am I doing wrong?


      My Motherboard: GIGABYTE - GA-H81N

      I have an Intel i5 (H81 Express Chipset)

      Windows 7 Home Edition.

      RST driver version:


      Thank you all so much.