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    Intel Won't Let Me Set Custom Refresh Rates


      I, like many others, are disgusted with the way Intel's software limits us. For some reason, Intel won't let my laptop screen have more than 60hz in ANY resolution. I'm talking about low resolutions such as 1024x768. I'm limited to 60hz MAX at such a low res.


      What makes matters even worse (and proves that Intel is forcing us into low refresh rates) is that I have viewed the EDID data for my screen and my screen is capable of at LEAST 85hz on 1024x768. This has me infuriated!!!!! Intel's software is LITERALLY ignoring the data that is supplied by the manufacturer. So they have been feeding us lies all this time!


      I am wanting an apology from Intel for this horrible limitation placed on us by their SOFTWARE but I know they'll just blame us or the manufacturer, lol. Typical Intel.


      It's amazing how Nvidia and AMD have been allowing their customers to add custom resolutions and refresh rates with NO limitations for years now. If the resolution/refresh rate didn't work, then your monitor simply would revert back to the setting you had before.


      So Intel, PLEASE stop lying to us and make your software at least SOMEWHAT useful. This would LITERALLY take 5 minutes to program, just remove that error message and let the resolution be added.