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    Edison wifi sniffing


      Im trying to use the edison for an application that requires wi-fi packet sniffing.

      Before buying the board I confirmed on the forums that it was in fact possible to set the wi-fi interface into monitor mode.

      In theory doing so and using a tool like tcpdump should allow me to be able to listen to probes requests and beacons however i have not been successful so far.


      A few things that are confusing me:


      1. Cant set the frequency channel. I am trying to us iwconfig to set the channel and I always get an error saying this feature is not supported.

      2. Setting monitor mode flags and 802.11 mgt filters in tcpdump does not yield any results.


      I have traversed the forum and the web for more information on this but have been unsuccessful so far. Does anyone have insights into what the problem is?

      Does the edison wi-fi chipset not support these features? It seemed like they do though.