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    HD4000 incompatible with NVIDIA GTX 770M


      My MSI GT60 ONC (i7-3610QM and NVIDIA GTX670M) has replaced with NVIDIA GTX770M and got TDR error, screen locked 1024x768 resolution.

      I noticed HD4000 control panel didn't appear even install lastest Intel graphics driver. If I try install NVIDIA driver, after rebooted I'll got black screen.


      Next, I unlocked BIOS and changed EFI compatible to Legacy ROM, HD4000 came to work. After installed NVIDIA driver got BSOD when run 3D application or access informations from vga card (eg. GPU-Z).


      Someone else at TechInferno got same problem too. But others install one into laptop which is Sandy Bridge (no optimus) it worked fine!

      First I guess my 770M broken then I tried install it into my friend's laptop which is Sandy Bridge no optimus system. It worked fine too.


      I'm not sure IvyBridge Optimus system cause this problems, someone help me please!