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    DH61CR PS2 port not working after upgrading 48 to 120




      Having a problem with DH61CR motherboard after BIOS update to 120. (PS2 keyboard not working)

      I've noticed that keyboard works in freedos, but in bios and windows enviroment dosent work.

      Previously i've had this problem aswell with other computers with this motherboard and replaced PS2 keyboard to USB one.


      The reason of upgrading bios is cause im upgrading to ivy bridge cpu (and before upgrade it warns that its recommended to upgrade bios)


      But this time I have 5machines with this motherboard and i bet i'l have same problem with every computer.


      Any suggestions?solutions?


      I've tryed force flashing bios (with jumper off and bios file on usb drive) and tryed turning off computer + taking out cmos battery for 30min.