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    DN2820FYKH Bluetooth install ?



      Last 24 July you gave me successful instructions (driver links, Device Manager image) on getting Bluetooth working on my D54250WYK.   I also bought a DN2820FYKH and after a few probs all is now working except Bluetooth !   So I am hoping you can do a similar trick to get it working.   Having successfully installed the WiFi which works ok, I followed your advice for the D54250WYK except that for BT I used the BT driver for the DN2820FYKH  It appeared to install ok, giving appropriate notifications like 'BT Server driver installed' then asking for restart to take effect.


      However, the Device Mgr PNG image you posted link to shows a 'Intel Wireless BT 4.0 Adapter' in BT Radios.  My Device Mgr shows only a "Generic Bluetooth Adapter" - MS not Intel


      Looking in Control Panel>Uninstall - the list has :


      'Intel PROSet/Wireless Software    installed 29/8/14   308MB  Ver. 17.0.3' and

      'Intel Wireless BT (patch version 17.0.1428.1)  Intel corp  10/10/14  45.9MB Ver. 17.1.1406.0472'

      Network Adapters shows 'Intel Wireless-N 7260'


      Can you advise on how best to change Generic to Intel ?  (do I need to disable the MS driver ?)  and also if the version nos. of my WiFi & BT files are ok, or link to best versions ?


      Also, if either NUC is left unconnected to power for extended periods, do they have a time limit (I couldn't see a button cell as used in big desktops to save BIOS settings) before the BIOS loses date/time & other settings ?