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    HD 4600 Screen Flickers with Green Dots in Certain Apps


      I just finished building my "dream pc" and I'm currently using the HD 4600 graphics from the i7-4790K until the new Nvidia product line launches.  I noticed I am getting green dots flashing on certain textures in some games.  So far I've only noticed it in Battlefield 4 and Sim City on certain textures.  See screenshot below...




      I have all current drivers of everything - UEFI, Windows, Graphics driver, etc.


      System specs -

      Intel i7-4790K

      Asus Hero 7 MB

      EVGA Supernova 1000w P2

      Corsair Vengeance Pro 16gb 2400

      Samsung 840 Pro 512g

      Windows 8.1 64

      HDMI hooked up to AsusPB278


      What I have tried -

      Reinstalled graphics drivers, including the Beta for HD4600 as well as previous versions.

      Changed every resolution, monitor setting, refresh rate, monitor cable, etc.


      I'm not sure what is causing this - I'm hoping its just a driver fix or setting that I can change.  Anyone else have this problem?  Thanks for the help...