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    Huge problems with Intel extreme tuning utility.


      Hey there guys and gals,


      My younger brother has made a rather critical error with my downstairs PC when he tried to install the newest version of the Intel extreme tuning utility and now the thing won't even load past the system splash screen (before BIOS menu).


      He neglected to inform me that while it works on his Laptop just fine (which is much newer) the program only works with 4th Gen Intel processors (we have a 2nd gen i7) and also that it only works on Intel motherboards (we use an ASUS). This is of course a massive problem and could do untold damage to my machine, It's lucky that he didn't actually get to the OC stage yet and won't be now.


      I would love any and all help on how to forcibly remove the program or just to get my (rather expensive) machine to stop being a brick that turns on, this is a huge problem if the computer is effectively destroyed because of one series of errors.


      Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated, any other information you need i can provide.