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    Intel Management Engine Interface Driver


      Intel MEI Driver issueHi All,

      I am having a problem with my Intel Management Engine Interface Driver and need a little help to diagnose the problem. I have an Asus P8Z77-V motherboard and windows 8.1 installed on my computer with all the latest updates, drivers and patches installed. I have the latest Bios installed for my motherboard. I have 8GB of ram and an Intel i7 3.5 processor installed. I am running windows in UEFI mode with both secure boot and fast boot enabled. Asus have provided me with the Intel MEI driver V9.5.10.1658 which is the latest for my motherboard and each time I install this driver I get an error in device manager indicating the driver has been terminated due to a reported error and gives it a code 43. when looking into it a little further in the event viewer it states that the Intel MEI driver failed to perform handshake with the firmware. I have been googling this problem for weeks now and have found many other people with this problem and have also been talking to Asus as well but nobody seams to be able to give me the answer to my problem. if anyone can help or provide me with a solution or problem solving way forward to diagnose the issue I would very much appreciate there help.


      kind regards: Johnyboy

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          I am sorry to hear that have had issues with the Intel(R) Management Engine driver.


          I do not have reports of similar issues with the latest version available on the Intel web site. You may try to update it to version:





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            Thank you Allan for your reply. I have tried several versions of the Intel Management engine driver including the one you have suggested and I get the same result. The only one that works at the moment is V8.1.0.1263 but Asus my motherboard manufacturer have posted V9.5.10.1658 as being the latest one available for my board I have emailed Asus Technical Support several times over the past few weeks but they seem to be at a loss as to it's cause and have referred me back to Intel. I must also add that the problem only occurs when waking from sleep which I forgot to post on my original posting. I wondered if there was a way of diagnosing or logging the process leading up to the events to find out it's cause.


            Kind regards: John

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              Make sure you have loaded latest BIOS:


              I recommend contacting your motherboard maker and try to get more information about this matter since this is happening waking up from sleep mode.



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                Hi Allan,


                My motherboard is the Asus P8Z77-V Premium and not the one you thought (my fault I think as I didn't tell you which one I had sorry). And yes I have as previously stated loaded the latest Bios for my motherboard which is 2104. And also I have been in touch with Asus technical support already many times over the last few weeks and they are at a loss as to why this is happening. It doesn't happen with the Intel MEI driver V8.1.0.1263 and that's the puzzling part. Asus have told me that they have not changed anything in a big way with the new driver that should affect it when waking from sleep and have referred me back to Intel. They have basically said that Intel are the prime provider for the MEI drivers and that Asus only change them slightly to accommodate there chipset layout and have not changed anything that should affect it when coming out of sleep. I feel I am being passed from pillar to post and that both parties are passing the buck a bit as you are referring me to Asus and Asus are referring me to Intel. All I want is someone to help and make some suggestions that may help me with the problem I have. I am fairly knowledgeable with my computer and have built several up for myself so always do the research. My computer is always kept in tip top condition with the latest operating system and all the latest drivers and patches and all bios and firmware installed for all my components and the operating system installed.


                Thank you for your suggestions but it isn't really helping me with my issues. So unless you can make some that may help. please pass me on to someone who can.


                kind regards: John

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                  Please bear in mind Intel does not offer specific department to support Intel® Management Engine driver. I recommend keep working with version V8.1.0.1263 and it appears to work on your computer and wait for future driver releases that may help on this matter.


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                    I have the similar problem with the newest driver from my hardware vendor (Gigabyte).

                    I am using a Gigabyte Z77X-D3H with a Core i5 and always get Code 43 after wake up from sleep.

                    They offer version as latest on their website for my mainbord.

                    I will try to download the latest version from the Intel website, but its a bit difficult as Intel shows only certain Intel mainboards as fitting for their drivers.

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                      Thank you Tomcat. Any Joy with the latest Intel Management Interface Driver. Did it solve the problem?


                      Regards: John

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                        Has there been a resolution to this problem yet?  I have the exact same thing happening to me: on wake up, Windows disables Intel Management Engine Interface (code 43).  If I restart, it appears to be fine according to device manager.  I have version installed and am using Windows 8.1.  The motherboard is a Gigabyte Z77M-D3H.


                        I searched the Intel downloads, but it appears this is still the most recent IME version?

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                          Hi Shann,


                          unfortunately no this issue has not been resolved yet. Technical Support for both Intel and Asus my motherboard board manufacturer are as much use a pot dog. I have posted on this forum and emailed both of them on several occasions and haven't got any relevant or suitable ideas from either. I don't think they have a clue where to begin to be honest, either that or they don't care about there customers and responsibility to them. All I get from either is have you got the latest bios, chipset and operating system updates installed and Derr of course I have. Once I told them I had and gave them my computer specs I just get passed from one to the other with not a viable answer insight. I have also tried many forums but without success. If you manage to solve the issue or find out anything yourself please let me know.

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                            Problem occurs due to incompatibility with the device drivers.

                            To avoid this issue reinstall a fresh copy of Windows and then follow these steps in sequence:

                            1. install latest INF available for your Motherboard and restart the computer

                            2. install latest Intel.Management.Engine.Interface Driver available for your Motherboard and restart the computer

                            3. install any or all other device drivers in any sequence you want as.


                            This would solve issue with Hardware Handshakes and Firmwares.



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                              To fix this problem:

                              1. uninstall the driver if you have managed to get it installed in the first place, if not skip this step.

                              2. type services in the search bar and make sure the following are set to automatic

                              - Windows Defender

                              - Windows Error Reporting

                              - Windows Firewall

                              - Windows Search

                              - Windows Update


                              3. Install again using whichever driver you wish.


                              the problem is that service is disable so its not being told to do anything so therefore will not work or install properly. let me know if this worked for you.