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    how to setup DQ45CB with 3 monitors?


      Hello, I have a DQ45CB with windows XP installed and currently have 2 monitors plugged in to the 2 DVI ports. I added a Gigabyte RX30S128D video card so that I can add another monitor, but I could not get the it working.


      I read in the mobo's documentation that when a video card is inserted then, it disabled the two on board DVI ports.


      Is there a way to by pass this? Help is appreciated.



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          Check to make sure drivers are installed on the new card and if that doesn't work I would just buy the number of video cards for the number of monitors you need then plug them up. two PCI Express 2.0 x 16 cards and PCI card (lower quality though) just make sure you computer can handle the power requirements and if it doesn't i would also buy a new power supply with higher wattage. If you have a DVI to VGA adapter use it on the current graphics card then to the monitor. This is what currently come to mind.