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    Edison w/ Breakout Board - How to Flash


      Is there instructions on how to flash Edison when you only have the Breakout Board version.

      Currently running version 56 (cat /etc/version) with Windows 8.1


      Start Up Guide states that Edison would be seen as drive letter - has never occurred.


      a true step by step would be extremely helpful.

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          which breakout board do you have?

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            Intel Edison module with Intel Breakout Board purchased from mouser.com (EDI1BB.AL.K)

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              a, ok - that's the "mini breakout board" in the terminology of other threads. It seems others have successfully flashed with this board. Maybe you can do with the "flashall" script? I currently only have the "Arduino breakout board" so don't know for sure on your breakout board

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                Thanks for trying.  The mini should be as documented as well as the Arduino has. I'll hunt for the flashall script.
                Since this is an Intel board, one shouldn't have to get an Arduino board to get support for the basics.

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                  Well, that shouldn't really matter, whether it's an Arduino expansion board or a mini-breakout. As soon as you have connected the middle microUSB port on the Arduino one or the leftmost (looking from the side with USB ports) on the mini-breakout one + have the Intel Edison drivers installed as per the Getting Started guide, you should see it as a disk. Works fine with my one.


                  Please describe the exact sequence of steps you're executing and let's see if we need to fix something there to have you updated.

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                    2 USB 2.0 A to microB (Win8.1)  version: build 56 to build 68

                    • Installed Edison Module on Breakout Board (BoB)
                    • Installed CDM v2.10.00 WHQL Certified.exe as administrator
                    • Installed IntelEdisonDriver1.0.0.exe as administrator
                    • Installed Putty.exe
                    • Plugged microB into right port
                    • Plugged microB into left port - led’s lit
                      • - need to figure out which USB port is Edison to talk to via putty
                        • - using Device Manager, under Ports, identified USB Serial Port (COM3)
                    • Putty profile Serial / Edison / COM3 (USB Serial Port)  / 115200 baud / None / 8 / 1
                    • Connect to Edison by pressing <Enter> key twice
                      • build 56 has a UART issue that drops the first characters
                    • at the login prompt, username: root and <Enter>

                    • The remaining assumes you received a drive letter for Edison in the steps above:
                    • ensure Edison drive is formatted as FAT32 (format it as FAT32, if need be)
                    • extracted edison-image-ww36-14.zip contents to Edison drive --> Edison - Software Downloads
                    • command line :~# reboot ota
                    • at the login prompt, username: root and <Enter>
                    • command line :~# configure_edison --name
                    • command line :~# configure_edison --password
                    • command line :~# systemctl disable network-gadget-init.service
                    • command line :~# vi /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
                    • command line :~# systemctl enable wpa_supplicant
                    • command line :~# vi /usr/lib/edison_config_tools/edison-config-server.js
                    • command line :~# reboot
                    • login as root with chosen password
                    • command line :~# ping google.ca
                      • this step was to insure internet connectivity

                    • command line :~# ifconfig
                      • this step was to get the IP address needed to SSH into Edison
                    • command line :~# /sbin/shutdown -h now


                    If you didn't get a drive letter -- we are still looking for an answer. Right @ AlexT_Intel

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                      Okay, that describes a way to connect to the serial console. I stand corrected by the way, the console port is the one with FTDI chip near it, the one marked as J3 on the board (rightmost if you're looking from the side with ports).

                      Now, if you connect the cable to the other port, the one marked J16 and the one close to the J21 connector (leftmost if you're looking from the side with ports), you should see the drive and other two gadget devices (virtual COM port and RNDIS) after the board is booted.


                      See the quick photo below I've just made. That's how it looks like when the board is fully booted and the drive is shown (both LEDs are lit):



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                        Booted dual cables as per my steps: Windows Device Manager only reports the console's COM3 Port.

                        Tried with a single cable (J16) as shown in your picture, no drive or other ports.

                        Added second cable (J3), no drive and only console (USB Serial Port) on COM3.
                        J16 then J3 no result, J3 then J16 no result.

                        Can you email me to discuss another concern as well.  If I can't flash, and my programming Edison buddy

                        has flashed theirs but can no longer ping after wpa_supplicant event during boot, then:


                        Either I need a means to flash to 68 or they need to be able to revert back to 56 -- is it possible to revert?

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                          I think you should be able to revert using the OTA (it is definitely possible when using the flashing script, I did that many times).


                          Now, it's really strange you aren't getting the devices, provided you have drivers installed. Even without those you should've seen the "new device connected" popups when the board boots, that's what I've seen on my system.


                          Now the only thing I can think of is that it's Windows 8.1, though I guess it was validated. Are you able to check it with a different computer with a different OS?

                          Another thing to check is that all the necesssary modules are loaded. You are able to access the console, aren't you? If yes, what does "lsmod" command show you?

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                            Just adding this update for those trying to resolve their own similar issues.

                            I now have a second Edison w/mini breakout board.  The second board does boot up with a drive letter for Edison.  I have been able to place the first Module on the second board and flash, then transfer the Module back to it's original board.  Then using known good cables try all variations with the original board.  It would appear that there are mini breakout boards that do not boot with a drive letter.  Everything else appears for the moment to be working .


                            Other than trying to solve why the one board does not completely function, I have overcome the hurdle that led to this question.


                            I think it would be appropriate to still answer this, for those that face this issue that only have a single board/module.

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                              Thanks for reporting this, that's kind of interesting, given that the breakout board is quite dumb in this sense, thus shouldn't exhibit anything like that. But it apparently is doing that.


                              JPMontero_Intel, DiegoV_Intel, @Intel_Alvarado - folks, do you think it's maybe worth a follow-up? Or maybe it's worth for deium to use the email support form in the Support section to see what's going on there?

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                                Yes, I agree. deium could you please fill out this form http://www.intel.com/support/mailform/maker/edisonsupport.htm so we can review this issue.



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                                  Tried to flash a new Edison + minibreakout board in windows per instructions in: Flashing Edison (wired) - Windows


                                  Seems like the update seemed to work fine, but when I attempt to check the version I get:

                                  root@edison:~# cat /etc/version


                                  root@edison:~# configure_edison --version



                                  I thought the new version should be "68" right?

                                  How to fix?

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                                    No, that's the correct one, corresponding to the latest published image. With the maintenance release (which is what's latest currently) they've changed the numbering scheme a bit. I think there are some changes coming in the future, which would settle this down to something more meaningful.

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