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    Event Viewer: irstrtsv error: Unable to read LBA sector via passthru


      I have a DZ77GA-70k MB running Win7-64 and RST Raid-1.

      I was troubleshooting another problem and I see this irstrtsv error in the Event Viewer.


      "Error: Unable to read LBA sector via passthru. : The request is not supported."

      <See attached screen shot of the Event Viewer>

      The first 6 irstrtsv errors after system startup are:

      "Error: Unable to read LBA sector directly. : The system cannot find the file specified."

      Then the balance of the errors have the passthru reference.


      My system has been running for over a year (since Jan2013) and this error started on Jan.10, 2014 of this year.

      I do not see a performance issue due to the error and the problem I was troubleshooting deals with Windows Backup: VSS, SPP errors when the backup fails to complete.


      This irstrtsv error occurs when the system starts, there is a cluster of 6 errors in a few seconds, then repeats every 5 minutes with another cluster of 6 irstrtsv errors and continues until I shut it down.

      A couple of days ago I upgraded the RST to the latest driver and that did not solve the problem.

      I don't remember changing the system BIOS or RST configuration or loading any application in January or in or around 1/10/2014.


      Any thoughts.