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    widescreen laptop - 'maintain aspect ratio' choice missing


      Hello all, I have a laptop here that I cant get to work how I'd like to. It is a Toshiba laptop with a native screen resolution of 1280x800 and Intel GMA 950 which is part of the Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family. While under any resolution, if I go to Control Panel > Intel GMA Driver > Display Settings, under 'Display Expansion' I only have 2 options, Full Screen (no boarder) and Center Desktop.


      This is a problem for 800x600 resolution because I can only choose stretched or have a tiny box in the center of my widescreen with black bars on all sides. Is there a way I can enable the option 'Maintain Aspect Ratio'?



      What I have tried: all different versions of Toshiba Drivers and latest Intel Generic Driver. Under all drivers maintain aspect ratio was missing.


      Windows XP sp3 is my windows version.