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    S1200V3RPM - NIC not available during boot


      Hi all,

      I have the following problem with my S1200V3RPM board and Server 2012 R2: Right after boot, jRiver MC20 tries to find its library server on the network. At this time the NIC of the board does not seem to be functional yet. After a few retries, MC20 gives up with an error message. When the NIC does become ready, I need to click the 'retry' button in the error message and MC20 immediatedly connects to the library server.

      This would not be issue, but I run this machine headless (it's an audio server), controlled with jremote app on an iPad. Now I have to connect to the PC using remote desktop and click the error message away. This is not convenient at all.

      Question: Is there any way to configure the NIC in the BIOS or otherwise so that it becomes functional already during the boot process, so jRiver can find its library server as soon as it is launched?

      Thanks and best regards