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    Missing configure_edison?


      Hi All,


      My Edison is flashed and happily running the latest Yocto image, however I can't seem to get configure_edison --setup script to run. It actually doesn't even seem to be there at all.


      root@edison:~# configure_edison --setup


      -sh: configure_edison: not found

      The same goes for configure_edison --help and --whatever else. It isn't listed in the contents of /usr/bin either.


      I've re-flashed my Edison (with Arduino breakout) several times (at least 6) with the latest image (from here) but am still having the same issue. I've also followed the pointers from ril3y's post with no avail (being careful to unmount, unzip from terminal, etc.) I'm running OSX 10.9.5 if it matters.


      Any help is appreciated!


      Thanks in advance,