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    D34010WYKH Fast Boot setting problem



      I am having trouble setting Fast Boot on my new PC D34010WYKH  as the BIOS [WYLPT10H.86A.0021.2013.1017.1606] in Boot tab displays Fast Boot setting only, not additional three optimization settings [General, USB and Video] which would be necessary enable. Please help. 


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          Thanks for joining the NUC community.


          When you enable Fast boot all options are disabled by default, please check the following web site for more information:


          Desktop Boards — Using Fast Boot to reduce boot time



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            Hello Alan, thanks to your interest in my problem, and excuse please my bad English. On the web site which you recommend me is the following procedure mentioned:

            1. During boot, enter the BIOS setup by pressing F2  (I preformed it)

            2. Go to the Boot menu (I performed it)

            3. Enable the Fast Boot setting  (I performed it)

            4. Enable any, or all, of the three Fast Boot options (General, USB and Video Optimization). I cannot perform this command due to the absence of 

                corresponding checkboxes  in the BIOS Screen.

               Detailed description of my procedure set Fast Boot is as follow:

            When I try enable Fast Boot I am going to the BIOS, then to Boot menu and then to Boot Configuration. There I can see three items: UEFI Boot, Boot Devices and Boot Display Configuration. The Fast Boot checkbox is located in UEFI item and disabled by default. In the further item (Boot Devices)  are located four checkboxes: Internal UEFI Shell (disabled) , USB, Optional. and Network (enabled). When I enable the Fast Boot, then USB, Optional and Network checkboxes become gray (setting not possible). Unfortunately I do not see any checkboxes for General, USB and Video Optimization which according to Fast Boot video tutorial must be enabled. Also in compliance with the document "Intel NUC BIOS Settings Glossary" this optimization checkboxes have to appear on BIOS Screen when the Boot menu is displayed.

               Actually the start time of my NUC D34010 WYKH (OS Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, Intel SSD 525 Series 60 GB in mSATA mini-card connector, 2x4 GB memory and Intel Centrino Wireless-N2230 inside) without using Fast Boot is 22 sec. However NUC works very good, without any other problems.

               I would appreciate your opinion of this issue. Best regards.

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              Thanks for the information.


              On your first post, you mentioned having BIOS version 0021, you may want to update to the latest version: 0030


              File name: WYLPT10H.86A.0030.EB.EXE


              Please check the picture below to check my setup configuration, as I mentioned, when you enable Fast boot, all options are grayed out. This is expected.


              Fast Boot.jpg



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                I updated BIOS to latest version 0030 with the following results:

                Now the Boot menu, on BIOS Screen Boot Configuration, is the same as in earlier version  0021 and practically the same as in your post. The start time is 20 sec whit Fast Boot OFF an 16 sec whit Fast Boot ON. So I think the profit on use Fast Boot is quite negligible in case of my NUC configuration mentioned above.

                I suppose that the Fast Boot setting I performed properly, because as emerges from help texts to checkbox Fast Boot on BIOS Screen, all necessary optimization (General, USB and Video) are enabled automatically thereafter the Fast Boot checkbox is enabled. If this my presumption is correct, I am sorry that I did not  read this help texts  earlier.

                I would appreciate your opinion of this issue. We can finish this discussion ???

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                  I just tested same NUC model, I got 15-16 seconds boot time Fast boot on, with fast boot off, same amount of time as you reported.