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    HD 4400 EU count


      According to almost all sources I could find, all GT2 products (HD4200, HD4400, HD4600) have 20 EUs.


      However, on a i3-4130 (HD4400), GPU-Z (latest version) indicates 16 EUs. GPU Caps Viewer says 16 EUs and 12(!) OpenCL cores. Luxmark also says 12 OpenCL cores.


      For i7-4790T (HD4600), all three indicate 20 EU/Cores as expected.


      This document (http://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/guides/performance-xeon-e3-1200-hd-graphics-p4000-guide.pdf) on page 2 seems to imply that indeed HD4400 has only 16 EUs.


      This document (https://01.org/linuxgraphics/sites/default/files/documentation/intel-gfx-prm-osrc-hsw-configurations.pdf) besides the expected GT3=40, GT2=20, GT1=10 EU also mentions a certain GT1.5 with 12 EUs (page 8)


      This review (Intel Core i3-4340, Core i3-4330 and Core i3-4130 Review. Page 8 - X-bit labs) seems to indicate performance differences between HD4400 and HD4600 consistent with 4 missing EUs in HD4400.


      Please help me bring some light in this issue. A link to an official Intel document stating unambiguosly the amount of EUs present on HD4400 and HD4200 would be great. I haven't been able to find such a document.


      Thank you.

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          Thanks for joining the Graphics community.


          There is an official site for your graphics controller, it provides information about Execution Units for the 4th Generation Intel CoreProcessor Family, see page 29.


          Desktop 4th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors Datasheet, Vol. 1



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            I have read the linked document before posting this question. It does not answer the question. It says "up to 20 EUs" but does not provide exact numbers for each HD 4x00 version.


            Also, why is the question marked as "Answered"? I did not mark it as such.

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              Hi Tase

              HD4400 and HD4600 [Mobile CPUs] both have 20 EU's


              HD Graphics – GT1, 10 execution units, up to 184 GFLOPS at 1150 MHz

              HD Graphics 4200, 4400 [Mobile CPU], 4600, P4600, P4700 – GT2, 20 execution units, up to 432 GFLOPS at 1350 MHz

              HD Graphics 5000 – GT3, 40 execution units, twice the performance of HD4xxx for compute-limited workloads, 15 W TDP SKUs, up to 704 GFLOPS

              Iris Graphics 5100 – the same as HD Graphics 5000, 28 W TDP SKUs, but higher maximum frequency of 1.3 instead of 1.1 GHz,[6] up to 832 GFLOPS

              Iris Pro Graphics 5200 – GT3e, the same as GT3 but with addition of a large 128 MB embedded DRAM (eDRAM) cache


              Here is a bit more granularity:


              HD Graphics       EU's [Mobile CPU]

              HD Graphics 5600     24  64/128 Bit

              HD Graphics 6000     48  64/128 Bit

              HD Graphics 5500     24  64/128 Bit

              HD Graphics 4600     20 @ 200 - 1350 (Boost) MHz 64/128 Bit

              HD Graphics 5300     24 @ 100 - 850 (Boost) MHz 64/128 Bit

              HD Graphics 5000     40 @ 200 - 1100 (Boost) MHz 64/128 Bit
              HD Graphics 4400     20 @ 200 - 1100 (Boost) MHz 64/128 Bit

              HD Graphics 4000     16 @ 350 - 1350 (Boost) MHz 64/128 Bit

              HD Graphics 4200     20 @ 200 - 850 (Boost) MHz 64/128 Bit





              **Edited by Bryce@Intel for accuracy (anything new is in red) - 01/17/17**

              ** The above amount of EUs (Execution Units) may differ based on Mobile vs Desktop CPU's. ie. The HD 4400 Mobile (i3-4170t) has 20 EU's, while the Desktop (i3-4170) has 12 EU's. At times like with the HD 4400, EUs are not the same between the CPU models. The Processor model should be referenced in determining EUs, not Graphics version.

              System and graphics performance is determined with several factors in consideration and EU count alone is not a complete measure of performance.

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                Well, then something's not right here:





                It clearly says "Shaders: 16 Unified".


                Intel's own processor identification utility says it is a genuine i3-4130.


                I now have a i7-4790T in my system which has a 4600 and gpu-z prints out 20, as expected.


                If you insist I can swap the processors and capture the exact capabilites as reported by gpu caps viewer, luxmark etc.

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                  OK, that is not right. Let me do some research and get back to you.




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                    Hi Tase



                    GPU-z, GPU caps viewer etc in general are not necessarily accurate. The ISVs that develop these tools don't have a way to query our HW, they simply have some hard coded table. HD 4400 does have 20 EU's regardless of what is reported by the app. Here is some additional reading on Intel HD Graphics (Haswell) and EU's that you may find useful. Volume 2 GPU Overview discusses EU's.   2013 Intel Core Processor Family | Linux Graphics





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                      "GPU-z, GPU caps viewer etc in general are not necessarily accurate. The ISVs that develop these tools don't have a way to query our HW"


                      While this MAY be true of GPU-Z, it is certainly NOT TRUE of gpu caps viewer.


                      100% certified honest to god absolutely positively NOT TRUE!


                      GPU caps viewer uses clGetDeviceInfo() with param_name = "CL_DEVICE_MAX_COMPUTE_UNITS" to obtain the number of compute units.



                      So the value reported by GPU caps viewer comes from an intel piece of softare: the intel opencl stack.


                      Maybe the intel opencl stack reports inaccurate values?


                      From the link you provided (and which i have read before starting this discussion) we learn of a GT1.5 with 12 EUs, which is EXACTLY what GPU caps viewer reports.






                      It appears then, that intel uses "HD 4400" for TWO different products: one with 20 EUs used in ultrabook haswells with GT2 graphics and one with 12 EUs used in desktop haswells with GT1.5 graphics.


                      God knows what the 4200 is really, then.


                      Can you confirm this?