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    I bought an Asus laptop with intel i3 and it FPS for some reason droped


      Asus g - something something, win 8 not 8.1, intel i3, 4gb ram, etc... Anyways... So I bought this laptop like a year ago and well it worked fine i could play stuff like bf3, cod, samp with mods, etc. But the thing dat changed and i mean CHANGED was my fps bcs one day I wanted to play a bit of COD and I noticed my fps was soooo low ( at that time i thought i was lagging bcs i usually lag ). So I researched that problem and many people told me it was the dust in my fan and I belived it but I didnt want to touch anything inside bcs im kind of a retarded as far as the pc stuff goes. So I reaserched it more and i went to win. update to update my drivers and stuff and i dunno how but it actually worked. So I was pretty happy, but then like a month passed and dat happend again and i was like no biggy, ima just update my drivers and everything's gonna be fine, BUT NO lol. So I was like relly woried so I went to a store dat I bought it from and well it was in their shop for about like 2 and a half weeks i think. So I thought they gotto solve that problem, BUT NO ! They didn't. And I reshearched it more, and moreeeee and I found out dat many people have this problem and I thought it was pretty weird bcs the dudes at the shop fixed like my motherboard but that didnt fix the actual problem ( i didnt even know my motherborad was broken lol ).So I found out dat I gotto update my drivers, now I dunno how this helped ( it barely helped but help is still a help ), but i update my graphics driver and it got my fps up by 5 but i was still sad bcs on samp i almost had no mods no enb's and my fps was low . So one day I was in my control panel and I found out I dont have any updates for this 3d video controler, but I didnt know what dat is. So here we are, i seached the whole internet, found barely some help. I JUST WANT TO PLAY SAMP IN A NORMAL ******* WAYYYY ITS A GAME FROM 2005 FOR GOD SAKES LOL